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1. Servitization


In 2015 I was appointed Senior Industrial Fellow at Aston University and the Commercial Director of the Advanced Services Group Ltd. The Advanced Services Group is a centre of excellence at Aston Business School, Aston University in the UK. We provide advice, education, training and research in advanced services and servitization, plus access to a global network of like-minded professionals We help global manufacturers and technology innovators to develop services-led strategies in order to deliver profitable growth.

In short if you are looking to change your business model to take advantage of advanced services or otherwise extend your reach into the value chain through servitization please visit our website at or contact me directly

Some facts about Advanced Services:

2. Creative Operational Consultancy

Machan Consulting is the top creative operations consultant. With a track record in delivering business solutions based on operational excellence, servitization growth and innovative solutions.

Drawing on extensive experience in the process industries, particularly the pharmaceutical, medical device and food sectors, we provide a focused client service to arrive at solutions to a variety of key business challenges including:

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4. Medical

A little inspection…

4.1 Pharma

During the year 13/14 the MHRA conducted 140 overseas inspections (34 on the behalf of the EMA)

oversears inspections

Of 630 MHRA GMP Inspections carried out in 2013, 216 resulted in Major or Critical Deficiencies

At the FDA in FY2014, 145 of the 465 drug related 483's issued were due to "procedures not in writing, or fully followed"

test tube

In 2013 the top critical/major defect area in UK GMP Inspections was:


Investigation of anomalies was the top area for the fifth year in a row

5 Stars

During the year 13/14 the MHRA investigated 917 defective medicine reports and issued 27 drug alerts


4.2 Devices


During 2013 the devices division of the MHRA received and investigated 13642, incident reports and issued 86 Medical Device alerts

In the three years to 2013 the MHRA had received 377 Periodic Summary Reports for Devices


At the FDA in FY2014, 360 of the 972 Medical device related 483's issued were due to "lack of or inadequate procedures"

In 2013 2.3% of Medical Device reports involved a fatality

4.3 Advertising

In 2013 the advertising unit of the MHRA received 283 complaints, up on the previous year (237) but much less than in 2011 (357). Around 2/3 of the adverts were withdrawn

4.4 Trials

In 2013 the MHRA received 180 Phase 1, 613 Phase 2/3 and 181 Phase 4 clinical trial applications, 19% of which were non-commercial

caps bottom

5. Nuclear

Regulations Rule…

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) independently regulates safety and security at 37 licensed nuclear sites in the UK

UK Nuclear Map

The legal framework for the nuclear industry is based around the H&S at work act 1974, the Energy act 2013 and the Nuclear Installations Act 1965


The annual regulatory limits for normal radiation exposure from nuclear power plants are 20 millisieverts for radiation workers on plants


Each site UK NuclearLicence has 36 conditions within it

Nuclear Chart

Nuclear sites may experience unplanned events that can be described as anomalies (level 1 on the International Nuclear Events Scale), incidents (levels 2 & 3 on the INES) or accidents (levels 4 to 7) depending on their severity

There was only one event in the third quarter of 2014, which was classified at level 1 on the Scale

Of 1709 Compliance inspections carried out by the ONR in 2013, 3 were deemed unacceptable

1709 inspections

6. Food

Something to chew over…

In the UK there are more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning a year from known pathogens. This figure would more than double if it included food poisoning cases from unknown pathogens.


Poultry meat was the food linked to the most cases of UK food poisoning, with an estimated 244,000 cases every year.


In 2011 the Food Standards Agency were notified of and investigated 1714 food and environmental contamination incidents in the UK


At the FDA in FY2014, 332 of the 2476 Food related 483's issued were due to a "lack of effective pest exclusion"

Mouse Trap

7. Operational Excellence

Skilled and experienced in all techniques



Six Sigma

Quick Customer response


Process re-engineering

Machan Consulting has experience in all of the techniques, but focuses on applying the right ones to match your business need. Don't choose a theory; apply the practices that will work for you.

Some of the countries I have worked/consulted in

Map showing some of the countries Ian Machan has worked/consulted in

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9. LinkedIn

Ian Machan

Ian Machan

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